Service Excellence

Trelec is a leading provider of electronic fabrication services, including PCB mounting/assembly, verification testing, prototyping and inventory management for small and medium volume clients.

We understand that assembling circuit boards in this day and age requires quality work and immediate results. For this reason, we respond quickly to all quote requests. Our assembly team and testing engineers can respond to clients’ assembly needs in only seven days due to our work capacity and our customer service philosophy.

servicios persona ensambalando tarjetas Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Printed circuit board assembly

We fabricate circuit boards in their entirety in our installations in Bilbao. We strive to offer the best high-quality PCB assembly service, while meeting client requirements every step of the way. We offer innovative fabrication solutions and work closely with clients, which leads to continuous improvement throughout the life of the product.

Servicios persona verificando inspección testeado Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Circuit board assembly verification, inspection and testing

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) eliminates the subjectivity and variability that is associated with manual inspection. In addition to AOI, our highly qualified technicians are able to detect the slightest imperfection. Our technicians are trained in in-circuit testing and provide the utmost quality in circuit board testing.

Servicios persona haciendo prototipado de tarjetas de circuito electronico ensambladas Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Electronic circuit board assembly prototypes

We work with our clients’ designers and/or with third party specialists to develop a prototype that meets the clients’ need. We then use that prototype and take it though the whole production process, ensuring that the assembly meets client requirements and results in client satisfaction.

Work Method

Trelec collaborates with clients and their providers early in the design phase, as well as in the component selection and placement process, which guarantees an efficient flow of information that focuses on cost as well as on the components and their life cycle.

When a material’s obsolescence affects clients’ designs, Trelec has the skill and means to advise clients about available alternatives.

Trelec's PCB assembly service is of the highest efficiency. The entire Trelec team is wholly focused on providing quality service and meeting client requirements. This dedication means our staff gives their all to our clients, making sure that all their needs are covered.

Being the primary electronics subcontractor is no easy task. At Trelec, we are delighted to provide our clients with work that is of the highest quality and meticulous customer service.

Whether a production volume is small, medium or large, our 1,000-square-meter installations with static control have the technological capability to quickly assemble circuits of medium-to-high complexity, including prototypes and mass production.