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Founded as a spin-off of a former Ericsson plant, we have capitalized on over ten years of know-how in the mobile telephone industry, maintaining and expanding on this know-how as Trelec.

Given our extensive experience in the mobile telephone industry we are specialists in the soldering process for surface-mounted devices for components up to size 0201 (length: 0.50 mm, width: 0.25 mm). We are also as familiar with using multilayer printed circuits boards (24 layers) as we are with the classic standard control board.

Our catalog of services is designed to provide solutions for real problems, and our capabilities are the result of a continuous effort to apply our resources and qualified personnel toward a shared goal: to offer the best possible service. We use a quality management system that is focused on processes and geared toward the satisfaction of our clients.

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Our specialized services

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prototipado montaje de prototipos Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre


Production prototyping
New product development
Technology transfer

Montaje superficial Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Surface Mounting

From BGAs to PoP Packages
Three surface mounting assembly lines
180,000 components per hour

Comprobacion test en circuito Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre


Automated Optical Inspection
X-ray Inspection of BGAs