Tecnologí­a SME montaje de superficie Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Surface Mounting

Trelec has three surface mounting lines. This gives us flexibility in the production process and lets us adapt to the needs of each client.

Inspección óptica automatizada Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Automated Optical Inspection

Our automated optical inspection equipment ensures high speed and exceptional quality in defect detection. Our machines allow us to verify that all components are present and to inspect solder paste deposition and the polarity and value of components.

Inpección BGA rayos X Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

X-ray inspection of BGAs

Our X-ray inspection equipment allows us to visually inspect the interior of ball grid arrays (BGAs) and quad flat packs (QFPs) and to focus on the soldering of the balls and the underside of the BGA package.

Comprobacion circuito test en circuito Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre


In our bid to ensure quality, we carry out in-circuit tests (ICT) and other testing that may be required by the client's process. In an in-circuit test, an electrical probe tests populated circuit boards, checking for shorts, opens, resistances and other basic values, and determining whether the boards have been correctly assembled.

Nuevas tiradas circuito Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre


At Trelec, we do rework following client specifications. Reworking can involve anything from making changes to the hardware version to making changes to BGAs, micro BGAs, FPGAs (fine-pitch ball grid arrays), QFPs and fine pitch QFPs, among other components. Rework with BGAs, QFPs and the like is done using a Finetech machine specialized in making changes to these components.

Asesoramiento personalizadao Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

Personalized Assessment

We support industrial engineering divisions, R&D departments and product development projects in the fabrication of electronic products from the design stage onwards, increasing competitiveness in terms of delivery and price. We also advise in the selection and purchase of components, keeping in mind obsolescence, turnover and average component delivery times.

Printed Circuit Assembly

Montaje circuitos impresos Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre
Persona realizando un montaje de circuito impreso Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre
Manos realizando un montaje de circuito impreso Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre

We specialize in launching new products for large-scale mass production.

Trelec offers the latest in technical capabilities in order to meet clients’ strict demands for their printed circuit boards. Whether fabricating products using the BGA, micro-BGA, surface mounting, through-hole (THT) or pin & paste techniques, Trelec works closely with clients in order to guarantee that they are 100% satisfied.

Rapid Prototyping and Large Series Production

Whether a production volume is small, medium or large, our 1,000-square-meter installations with static control have the latest technological equipment for assembling circuits of medium-to-high complexity, both for prototyping and for series production, allowing us to meet established delivery times.

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